IMG_1488#22. Beauty. Mountain over Fire. Fire burning brightly attracts wondrous connections. Combine fire with inner strength and you have a beauty that surpasses time…find beauty in yourself and the world will look beautiful to you.  

Sometimes I forget that the beauty I’m seeing is the beauty I’m looking with. I must be feeling gorgeous today because the scenery around me is scrumptious as I’m sitting on the patio of a French bistro waiting for an omelet with goat cheese and herbs Provence. Across the courtyard two middle aged men who have already had lattes and chocolate croissants are content to share their inspiration in a lazy, summer jazz piece on clarinet and saxophone.

This California beach town is humming with conversation. Children laugh and squeal as they run around the fountain in bright colored clothes, reminding me of my favorite childhood story of tigers turning to butter. My ten year old mellow puppy dog takes another sip of water, looks at me, then resumes her own people and dog watching.  A palm tree waves as a mother picks up her daughter, her pink dress waving back as she’s twirled around. A white butterfly flits across the courtyard bringing attention to the leashless black lab scrounging for food. Friends are catching up through encouraging smiles, talk of God, barbecues, parents and work.

There is an abundance of beauty around me. I feel like that butterfly looking down and catching glimpses of love and joy. The loveliness of the mountain is in my heart that burns passionately for life and all living things. The truth within me knows that seeing through the eyes of love and gratitude is both the beauty I see with and the beauty I look upon.

Hexagram description, by Elisheva Herrera, can be found in the app, Be Tao Now – I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living!