Gentle Persistence or Perseverance?IMG_1904

#57. Gentle Persistence. Wind over Wind. Love yourself through this time of new energy coming in…Success comes from persistently keeping with the energy of that which you want to see manifest in your life.  Excerpt from the iOS app, Be Tao Now ~ I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living!

Two years. That’s how long it’s been since that fateful meditation that changed my life. I wasn’t really looking for new direction. It came looking for me. “Create an I Ching drumming app,” are the exact words I heard in meditation. What? At that time I didn’t even own an app. Only a few people had heard of I Ching drumming. Many westerners had never heard of the ancient system of divination (over 5,000 years old) from the Tao te Ching based on eight elements in nature.

After my initial shock, I tried to remain open. This is how I’ve always lived my life. Open to change. Listening for signs. I follow that inner voice that sees beyond the physical, knows beyond the logical.

Still, my practical side had questions. What was the app’s purpose? Would it help people better their lives? Was the creation of this app an attainable goal? Would using this app help people be happier, attain their goals? Would it uplift? Inspire? Would it bring freedom to me? To others?

For years people who have known me marvel at how I live from my intuition, and wanted to know how they could do the same. One dramatic example of following that inner voice of wisdom happened when I lived in the Middle East. I had some business to attend to and could either get there by bus on Tuesday or Wednesday. Something about Wednesday didn’t feel right. I found out why. The same bus on Wednesday I would have taken on Tuesday had a bomb on it. I missed a near death experience because I listened to my guidance and took action on it.

I’m not saying that following intuition makes your life perfect, but that’s another subject matter. It took me a long time to realize how impactful this app might be for those seeking their own guidance. The wheel of eight elements is set to spin randomly, so the app responds to the energy of the person using it. No belief required. Time after time I’ve seen a jaw drop after a person asks a question and spins the wheel. “How does it do that?” is a question I hear often.

Within a month of the first meditation telling me to create an I Ching drumming app, my initial team was revealed to me. Someone came into my life with a little experience creating apps. Another friend did beautiful, inspiring graphics. A trip to India yielded guided meditations recorded on a sacred mountain. Getting the right programmer was a different story. At one point the plot twists and turns made the journey seem more like a mystery than an adventure. I will say one thing. The entire process has called for gentle persistence.

In the traditional interpretation of the I Ching, #57 hexagram is called Perseverance. Don’t get me wrong. I have great respect for tradition. However, perseverance feels so heavy, which is why I changed the title. In the days of old, people persevered and were proud of it. Some fought for our civil rights, the right to vote, the right to free speech. Some endured hard working and living conditions simply to survive. I realize life isn’t always easy, but I want to live in a world where life is gentle and less pushing is required to make life work.

I want to align with my goals and get there after a joyful journey, not reach them panting and screaming. Rhythmic alignment makes me feel like I’m doing something about reaching my goals by simply listening to the drumming. As a friend said, “I get the energy of the hexagram almost through osmosis, it changes me.”

Gentle persistence has been coming up on my wheel consistently for the past month. I’m in the home stretch now. The app has long been created, but improvements and issues with Apple app store have delayed the process of the free app version reaching the public. I know the outcome is inevitable. I’m persistent in staying with the energy of having the app finished and in the hands of people regularly benefitting from it. This isn’t such a stretch of the imagination as some people already use it regularly with great results.

I can see my app helping people by empowering them to live from their own guidance. I know people more easily align with peace and joy, following their hearts and reaching their goals with the help of Be Tao Now. I feel gratitude watching happy people living mindful lives. I feel fulfilled knowing that this app enriches lives and the people using it pay that forward and open heartedly give back to their communities to make a better world.

Last month I was in Mt. Shasta with friends. We couldn’t hike because the smoke from the fires ravaging the parched hillsides was so thick. Fire burns off the old and makes room for new growth. The smoke followed me to Ashland, Oregon, then back to the San Francisco Bay area. I thought for sure there would be clean air in New Mexico, but the smoke followed me here too.

Tonight there is rain in Ghost Ranch, where people have lived, survived and thrived for well over 12,000 years. The storm whips up the wind across the dry, red clay earth. At first, it seems like it is simply throwing dust around, but I know the wind brings with it new energy. The smoke from the fires has followed me north, west, east and south. I have followed my passion (fire) and now the smoke lingers. But not for long. Wind brings in new energy reminding me to gently persist in keeping with the vision I want to see manifest. And just today one more obstacle has been removed. Thank you Wind.  IMG_1713