#54. Impulsiveness. Thunder over Lake. #54. Impulsiveness

What to do when impulsiveness strikes? Its a shock of energy that makes you want to do something! You may wonder, “Where did this come from?”

Today I had an image in meditation that made me ask that very question. I was declaring my abundance and suddenly I saw a Hasidic cowboy. If you don’t know, a Hasid is a very orthodox Jew who dresses in black and if old enough, has facial hair and peyot (the locks hanging down from the temples). The man in my dreams had light skin and luscious dark brown curly hair that peaked out under his black cowboy hat, a trimmed moustache and beard, cute, curly peyot that made me want to tug them, glasses that made him look smart and fun at the same time, cowboy clothes including jeans and black boots with spurs and an insidious grin.

See? I’m a strange combination of east meets west. In this case, its Eastern European meets western cowboy.

The cowboy’s hootin’ and hollerin’ brought me out of meditation as fast as a prodded bull comes out of a pen at the rodeo. I’ve had this goofy, light-hearted energy all day. Funny ideas have come in my head, some sane, some not so sane. How to channel all this energy? I feel like a calf breaking free from the herd.

What is the herd? The herd is the collection of thoughts that keep me perceiving myself as I did yesterday.

We all need days like this so we can break free. I feel a new perception coming on. I’m using this energy as a way to spring forward, even though its autumn. I don’t want to fall behind.