The Case for Joy

Some people respond with, “I like feeling all emotions” upon hearing they’re speaking with a Joyful Living from the Heart coach.
They’re equally surprised to hear they’re not alone.
3 Brains (15)

Emotions are good. They show you where your thinking is. They help us take action and change things we no longer want to live with. Emotions are passing. Spirit is everlasting. And what is Spirit but pure potentiated joy? That’s the Truth of who you are. No matter what emotion you may feel, without hurry, without judgment, allow it to pass through and you’ll find joy on the other side.

Many act as if joy is a luxury. Maybe you believe joy is felt after all the hard work of surviving another day is done and there’s nothing else you can do. But is it? Do we have to wait until all the work is done? Do we have to wait for joy? I’ve lived in neighborhoods where people lived two or three families in one house. One would say they were barely surviving. But they were among the happiest people I’ve ever seen. Their joy was not dependent on external circumstances.

Here is the scientific case for joy. 40% of your DNA responds to your environment, meaning exercise and the body of your thoughts. Your brain sends signals to your DNA, which in turn tells your body what to create. Happy thoughts contribute to a healthy body. Its that simple.

Do you have the audacity to choose joy? Do you feel deserving of joy? Do you feel worthy of living a mostly joyful life? Do you feel you have to earn it to live joyfuly consistently? Choose joy. Expect it. Live it. Be happy. I’m here to help with the process of your joy unfolding. And I’ve got tools. Lots and lots of tools. Be well. Be happy. Be tao now.