Use the power of your heart to prosper! Elisheva will take you through her signature coaching method so you can align with your prosperity! 

For the month of June, the Prosperity Meditation is free! Side 1

This prosperity challenge uses the I Ching drumming app, Be Tao Now ~ I Ching Drumming for
Triumphant Living! to shift your vibration and help you align with greater financial abundance. Call structure: In 45 minutes you will go through a process of visioning what your heart is longing for, releasing what gets in the way of it happening and embodying the new level of prosperity. You can engage by moving, dancing, drumming along (although you will be muted), drawing, doing art, or simply sitting and meditating. The final 15 minutes will be for questions and interaction.

This meeting runs for 2 consecutive weeks, Monday through Thursday 6 pm PST beginning June 12, 2017.

Be Tao Now is a free iOS app. You will still be able to participate even if you don’t have the app. or visit the Apple app store.

  1. Get your free copy of the app, Be Tao Now, if you don’t already have it
  2. Prosperity is Hexagram #14. Grab your free Prosperity Meditation starting June 1st
  3. Engage with Prosperity daily. Elisheva will show you how on A FREE COACHING CALL. Sign up here. 


BeTaoNow Logo 300x300  Be Tao NowTM ~ I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living! is the first and only iOS app to combine all 64 Hexagrams of over 5,000 year-old I Ching wisdom with special drumming patterns and guided meditations based on the eight elements of the I Ching. Be Tao Now puts you in rhythmic alignment with the elements for your best life ever! Shift your energy, change your life!

Be Tao NowTM is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use, and practical guidance tool that establishes exceptional inner conditions so you can access your higher wisdom to manage change, and embody more peace and joy.

badge_appstore-lrgSelf Improvement and Guidance

    • Listening to the drumming of the ancient patterns establishes inner rhythmic alignment so you can navigate through challenging times with greater ease, peace and grace.
    • Helps you manage change and understand the various situations in your life.
    • Thoughtful translation makes the old wisdom more accessible and applicable to modern times.


Meditation or Quick Time Out

  • The solo drumming tracks can also be used as background sound for healing, inspiration, motivation, creativity and focus while doing anything you choose.
  • Provides guided meditations with specially-arranged music and nature sounds so all you have to do is sit and listen.

Increased Focus and Productivity

  • Delivers an experience so you can feel the transformation it helps you achieve.
  • Provides more than ten minutes of drumming of the elements of the I Ching so that you may achieve alpha state. This is proven to balance right and left brain, increase creativity and intuition, relieve stress and bring ease, peace and joy.
  • 100% Ad free so you can keep your mind/body focused on getting results.

     badge_appstore-lrg     Water   

Easy to Use

  • Elegant interface provides visual helpers that simplify use.
  • Navigation is effortless 

More about Be Tao Now

The app pairs the ancient tradition of drumming, which has been used in all indigenous cultures to improve relaxation, focus and healing, with the popular ancient Chinese Taoist oracle system of I-Ching to gain personal insights, reduce stress, enhance intuition and achieve harmony and balance.  

The 64 drum patterns help you get in the zone of wellness, drawing from the eight elements of the I Ching, an ancient Taoist tradition known to be over 5,000 years old. Drumming stimulates both sides of the brain and has numerous mental, emotional and physical health benefits. Combining drumming with I Ching provides an empowering system that can be used for personal growth or mindfulness.

Spin the wheel, allow the app to choose a hexagram, and you have a daily guidance system.  Or consciously choose one of the 64 drum patterns that feels right for you. Set the drumming time for up to infinity, and listen in meditation or while performing everyday tasks.  Listen to the drumming to shift mood or thinking, to increase focus and productivity levels, to align with success or prosperity, or to quickly get in the best mental shape possible.



Be Tao Now Features:

– Wheel that acts as a guidance system programmed to spin randomly

– 64 hexagrams based on the eight elements of the I Ching

– 64 drum patterns to help you embody the wisdom of the I Ching

– Nature sounds in meditation tracks for ease in aligning with the elements

– Timer which can be set to infinity

– Drumming start/stop button

– Guided Meditation start/stop button

– Drumming can be turned off for drum-free guided meditation

– App remains playing while using device for other non-audio purposes

– Peace guided meditation with drumming patterns and nature sounds  

The following can be obtained through in app purchases:badge_appstore-lrg

– Modern, English language interpretations of the ancient I Ching and Gene Keys wisdom to apply in your life so you can make changes today. All 64 interpretations for only $2.99

– Nine additional guided meditation tracks (Peace meditation is free). These meditations focus on the eight elements of the I Ching, plus Prosperity, combining drumming patterns and nature sounds. At only $.99 each, you’ll want to have each one handy to put you in alignment with:

  1. Prosperity (Fire over Heaven)
  2. Joy (Lake over Lake)
  3. Passion (Fire over Fire)
  4. Keeping Still (Mountain over Mountain)
  5. Taking Action (The Masculine: Heaven/Sky over Heaven/Sky)
  6. Power (Thunder over Thunder) 
  7. Gentle Persistence (Wind over Wind)
  8. Allowing (The Feminine: Earth over Earth) 
  9. Deep Water (Water over Water)

388241_2606306794925_1778487231_n“The most creative I Ching app on the market. This app is a useful tool for beginning and seasoned users who want to consult the I Ching alone, hear its message set to music, meditate on core hexagrams, or gain new insights into the meaning of the hexagrams.” Rev. Dr. Allen David Young, PhD, Author of Catching God’s Thoughts: Visioning with Elements of the I Ching, Co-leader of Illuminata Center for Spiritual Living, and Intuitive Counselor.

Lin playing Gong 2“As a sound healer for over 20 years, and a computer programmer for 35+ years, I rarely come across an app as interesting and useful as Be Tao Now. This is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen!” Lin Marelic, Drummer, Gongstress, Sound Healer and Owner of Computer Therapist Consulting.


“Grounding and meditative. A great way to start your day or re-center amongst all the chaos.” Jasmine Mazlumyan, Counseling Psychology Graduate Student.  


162942_1660177940842_1983180_n“The voice and the percussion combined puts me in a space almost meditative like and the shift in my energy causes me to get the message almost through osmosis.” Aaron Parnell, Creator of Reposturing Dynamics, Owner of the Vitality Center.


“I need this. Everybody needs this.”  Paula Kravitz, Marketing Executive. 


“Drumming the I Ching is disciplined vibration with intent and consciousness.” Archbishop Michael Whitney, The American Temple. 


*We caution you to not use Be Tao NowTM while driving or operating machinery. You do so at your own risk.

† Headphones, ear buds or good speakers are recommended for best sound quality.

Here’s a video highlighting Be Tao Now’s features:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.52.41 PM