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The mountain called Arunachala is known as one of the most sacred places in India. India is a country with many deities, each holding its own unique energy, and people tap into that energy in order to embody it.

The three main gods in India are Brahma, the CreatorVishnu, the Preserver and Shiva, the Transformer. The story goes that there was a disagreement about who was the mightiest deity. Shiva won. The people pleaded with Shiva to reveal himself in physical form so they could know him better. The story ends with Shiva turning himself into the mountain known as Arunachala.

IMG_0272If you sit still for long enough before the mountain, beliefs you didn’t know you had surface for examination. At least that’s what happened to me.  That reflective state is what comes about for people for whom I have drummed the I Ching symbol for Mountain. The stillness of the mountain, whether in the actual form or drumming of it, brings about contemplation.

I sat at the base of the sacred mountain of Arunachala for three blessed weeks, soaking in the energy and letting old beliefs and habits fall away. The only time I’ve ever felt an area so alive with transformational energy was when I had the privilege of living in the holy city of Jerusalem for an entire year.

Arunachala is special and has been home to many monks and monkeys. Ramana Maharshi, the sage who lived on the mountain for 54 years said one can’t help but become enlightened there. I took advantage of the sacredness of the mountain.

The day before I left, I awoke before sunrise and with the help of a couple of friends, climbed partway up the mountain. I sat alone with the sounds of nature waking up. Birds were singing their melodies, and bees buzzed as the sun started to sneak up over the horizon. Before the droning of motorized vehicles began, I grounded my energy in the mountain and tuned into the vibration of each of the eight elements of the I Ching. There, on the side of the mountain, I recorded a meditation for each element, with the sounds of nature as background landscape.IMG_0059

The presence of the mountain could be felt in each recording, however, most had too much interference noise to keep. The only recording clear enough to stay exactly as it had been made was Fire, which is my element. Fire is transformative. Shiva is Fire. It made sense that the only meditation to remain would be the element of Fire. Another story from the Indian scriptures was that Shiva was a burning pillar of fire. He burned so brightly that he threatened to wipe out all mankind. Shakti, the feminine energy, saved the world by impaling herself onto Shiva and cooling his flames.

The other elements; Mountain, Earth, Wind, Water, Thunder, Lake and Heaven, were transcribed word for word, along with Peace and Prosperity, and re-recorded in a quieter studio away from the sounds of monks and monkeys. These meditations are available on my app, Be Tao Now ~ I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living! including a free Peace meditation.

The peace of Arunachala has stayed with me and I tap into it as a daily discipline, especially drumming the I Ching pattern for peace.  Peace is in the meditations. Peace is in the drumming. Peace is within me and I want to share that with you.


Slide4If war is destructive, peace is creative. We tend to think of peace as a passive thing, an absence of strife. What if peace were not passive? Everything has its opposite. Peace/War. Love/Hatred. Resistance/Acceptance. Action/Inaction. Stillness/Motion.

In the I Ching, Peace is seen as the balance of Yin and Yan, the balance of feminine and masculine energies, the balance of being and doing.

Think about how things come into being.

A thought about something emerges, then a feeling follows. If we like how we feel about that idea, we move forward on it. Thought and feeling come together and it is creative. Masculine and feminine come together and create matter. That’s how babies are born.

We have the power of creation in our bodies and in our lives. What if Peace was a focus in your life? What would you create with it? How would your world look different? If enough of us are actively involved in our own inner Peace, we will see Peace manifest in our lives and in the world.

First we have to meet the war within ourselves with Peace. Then we combine action with Peace and it turns to Joy.

The other night I went to sleep listening to the I Ching drumming pattern for Peace. I awoke in a peaceful, but highly excited state with a flood of ideas pouring through me. I couldn’t wait to write them down so I could share them with the world. Once I moved on those ideas that emerged from Peace, I was in a powerfully joyful state. Creativity moved through me urging me to do something with it.

Peace is creative. Here’s a challenge for you. Try going to sleep with the drumming pattern for Peace. See what creativity you wake up with.

How can you get more peace in your life?

1. Drum the I Ching pattern for Peace. Stay tuned for my “How To” video.

2. Listen to the I Ching drumming pattern for Peace on my app, Be Tao Now.

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Peace is creative. How will you use it for good?