Elisheva is available to be a facilitator at your event! 

What some people say about working with Elisheva:

Eli, you saved me from myself with your eclectic healing last month. Unlike anything I gave ever experienced (and I’m 73 with a LONG spiritual history) it lifted me from the dark depths, released my power to laugh, and helped me feel whole once again. Blessings, and gratefulness for your generous and loving spirit. Taru Fisher, San Carlos, CA

So grateful for Eli expressing the healer she is–providing the space for us to experience the truth of ourselves. Thank you Eli! Barbara Caldwell, Old Fort, TN 

I can feel my heart reset and radiate light again! Julie H., Belmont, CA

No matter how I am feeling – the stress of the day – emotionally tired – in a challenging mood – I always feel lighter, loved, free and the inner me has emerged. I am calmer and peaceful. The love connection and intent grounding exercises bring me closer to my awareness of gratitude. Roberta Lighty, Belmont, CA

To say the retreat was a catalyst for transformation for me is a huge understatement! My only objective was to be open and to feel with my heart. I didn’t expect all of this! I also feel sooooo blessed to have met people that I LOVE!!

Elisheva has years of experience teaching and facilitating a variety of subjects. Here are some current offerings:

• Resilience Advantage Training™

• HeartMoves – A Drumming and Dance Journey

• Mindful Practices:  Meditation, Breathwork, Grounding Exercises

• Healing: Reiki, Sound Healing, Intuitive Healing

• I Ching Drumming for Wellness: Rhythmic Alignment with Peace, Joy, Alchemy and Prosperity


Call them workshops, playshops, time out… the benefits are what matters. Happy People Happy Planet offers a variety of evidence based heart centered practices. A workshop combining HeartMath, Laughter Yoga and I Ching Drumming is a fun, experiential workshop that is easy for all to do, creates community, builds teams and leaves participants feeling enlivened, refreshed, inspired and ready to work!  For more info, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


  • Reduce Stress
  • Hemispheric Brain Balancing
  • Increase Brain Function and Problem Solving Skills
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Innovative Thinking and Creativity
  • Boost Immune System Resulting in Greater Health and Well-Being

HeartMath™ – Evidence based methods for resilience and right living!

The HeartMath Institute has researched the heart and the role it plays in resilience for over 25 years. Did you know that the heart emits measurable energy three feet and sometimes up to six feet away from the body? In comparison, the brain only emits energy about one inch away from the head. Did you further know the heart sends many more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart?

If you aren’t using your heart for resilience, for thinking, for problem solving, for visioning, you’re not activating your greatest potential!

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Grounding Exercises

Grounding Exercises incorporates easy to follow breathwork and movement from various traditions to release and renew energy!

  • Reduce Stress
  • Activate Parasympathetic Nervous System to calm down fight or flight response
  • Activate Lymphatic System
  • Mental Clarity
  • Gently Aerobic

Mindful Sound & Movement

No previous experience necessary. Incorporates breathwork, heart resilience with sound and movement for health and happiness!

  • Reduce Stress
  • Shift Mood
  • Increase Happiness Factor
  • Increase Resilience Factor
  • Balance both sides of brain
  • Leave you feeling uplifted and inspired!

This workshop employs resilience tools and breathing techniques with light, easy movement and sounding. Participants use all their senses while learning simple, practical tools for optimal living. As easy as it sounds, it packs a punch! Some might call it mindfulness aerobics!

Your Voice, Your Power: Singing from the Heart®MaVa40iynlIcuL9D5_0lwSyl3AvdtA4E7VkiPN9B3QM

Take a joyful journey back to your core to reconnect with your true voice. This transformative
process involves breathwork, sound for healing, physical movement, delving into the heart, and a dash of traditional vocal technique. You will feel more comfortable in your voice. Your voice will sound more natural and free and who knows, you may even come to love your voice.

“I’ve never sounded this good before!” Elizabeth B, Redwood City, California.

I Ching DrummingBeTaoNow Logo 300x300

I Ching Drumming is a powerful kinesthetic mindful practice that involves exploration of the eight elements found in nature and 64 hexagrams (Gene Keys) found in the I Ching. See page on I Ching Drumming. It provides all the benefits of drumming combined with the ancient wisdom of the I Ching. One of the many benefits of drumming is that it creates a new language so that participants can break down barriers without the need for verbalization, move through challenges, and strengthen community. Recommended: Be Tao Now ~ I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living! a mindfulness app offering I Ching, drumming and guided meditations to bring ancient wisdom to modern mindful practices.


HeartMoves® – Drum Dance Journey With the Elements

Clear your mind, free your heart, ignite your soul, and embody your inner wisdom! Align Heart, Mind and Body!

If you’re feeling stuck, or simply looking for the next step, HeartMoves is for you. Experience the power of ancient rhythms that awaken your potential and move you in new directions. HeartMoves is a powerful coaching and visioning tool that encompasses all your senses. Great for advancing  towards goals as well as team building. The beauty of this method is that all can relate to the elements found in nature. You can move as much or as little as you like. You may even want to be still to experience the journey in your heart and mind. The particular sequence of these primal rhythms along with guided visualization will awaken your senses and ignite your awareness of self, allowing greater exploration of heart and mind, freedom of expression and a deeper connection with yourself as a member of the global community.

No experience necessary . . . just a heart willing to explore.

Laughter YogaLeading Laughter Yoga

Reboot the rational mind. Give your brain a rest so that it functions even better! The rational mind is our friend, but we need to turn it off now and then for it to be more effective. How do you do that? Empty the cache! Through laughter!

Have fun relieving stress and improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Also good if you want to return to your childlike nature. Laughter transcends all other language. When you get out of the rational mind, you let the creative/intuitive part of you through! People who laugh together tend to want to hang out together. Get your natural high on!