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11:11 New Moon, New BeginningsIMG_2334

It’s here! All astrologers are on fire talking about 11:11, portals and new paradigms. The old has gone and we have solidly stepped into the new. The possibilities are endless, but must be grounded in reality to take form.

How do you know which of the possibilities to pursue and which to let go? Follow your heart. What makes it sing? Where do you feel it in your body? If it energizes you, go for it! Thought and feeling together create matter. So if you have feeling in that area, if the momentum is there for you, that’s half of the equation. Let that be your sign to move forward on it!

Of course nothing ever manifests without taking action. Even IMG_2335your greatest money for nothing dream of winning the lottery involves buying a ticket. So today, on this new moon, set your intention and take a step towards what makes your heart sing!

The question I asked using Be Tao Now today was, “What is the best hexagram to help with the energy of the moment?” Of course it was Taking Action! I listened to the drumming pattern while lying in bed. That woke me up!

Later, I opened up Be Tao Now on my iPad. Opening the app requires spinning the wheel. I asked no question and received Focused Intention. Makes sense to me. New Moon is a great time to focus on intentions and one should ideally have focused intention before taking action! I could have simply decided those two hexagrams are what were needed. Knowing the astrology of the times, I could have chosen to listen to the drumming patterns for Taking Action and Focused Intention.

But sometimes what come up isn’t what I thought would come up. If obstacles exist which need to be addressed first, that might be revealed in the random selection spin of the wheel. More pressing personal issues trump what’s going on in the collective.

My point is that one of the functions of Be Tao Now is that it acts as a Guidance tool. Sure, I can choose the hexagrams and listen to the drumming patterns with which to align, but I try not to assume I have all the answers. Even in the usage of the app exists a balance of being and doing, being receptive to answers and actively choosing the energy you are stepping into.

So enjoy the New Moon, set some intentions, listen to your inner Guidance system, dream wildly but definitely take some action! Take one step and the Universe gives you another, and pretty soon you’ve reached your goal. Joy is in the journey, and the journey is easier when you’ve chosen a goal that makes your heart sing!

The randomly spinning wheel, all 64 hexagrams and their accompanying patterns are found on the app, Be Tao Now ~ I Ching Drumming for Triumphant Living! It is currently for Apple products, only but, soon to be available for Android. http://betaonow.com.

New Moon Blessings,