The Goddess Sings and Living From the Heart

MaVa40iynlIcuL9D5_0lwSyl3AvdtA4E7VkiPN9B3QMHeart - Version 2Happy People Happy Planet was previously known as The Goddess Sings. The name changed to encompass more offerings to a broader audience. Happy People Happy Planet ~ The How and Tao of Joyful Living includes what The Goddess Sings expressed and so much more.

For years the story of how The Goddess Sings came to be was only shared with a select few. It didn’t feel safe to reveal this story, until now.

I came into this world in the 60’s. At the time it was unusual for a child to have prophetic dreams, psychic abilities, be a medical intuitive, or to practice yoga and meditation, especially a child who wasn’t taught those things. Being gifted academically provided a cloak for hiding these unique gifts and allowing me to appear more “normal” to the rest of the world. Teachers groomed me for being an instructor since the 2nd grade when my mentoring career began with tutoring remedial students in the corner while the rest of my classmates partook of class.

Tutoring would shape my approach to mentoring for the rest of my life. Everyone is intelligent. We all have wisdom and can tune into Divine Intelligence or the intelligence of the cosmos, if you’re more comfortable with that. Some people need a little boost to help them discover how best they learn. That’s where my forte was. All people are some combination of audial, visual and kinesthetic learners. I’m a balance between all three. I found ways to get students to use all their senses. My instruction was to have students speak words out loud, touch the material they read, sometimes get up and move, use pulse and pattern, and find ways for them to be as engaged as possible. When they found what worked for them, I’d mirror it back and have them repeat the process until it was rote. Then they could learn anything. Its still how I facilitate retreats. I offer a variety of methods so you can have fun while integrating material that makes sense in a way you can process it and understand it.

My bachelor’s degree is in Economics with a minor in Music. I’ve tutored many different subjects including Calculus and various languages. I’ve taught Yoga, Tai Chi, Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Pilates. Balance is very important to me. I’m all about the balance; left brain, right brain; head and heart; East and West etc…The intuitive/healer side of me has always existed. At the age of three I’d escape from my mother as often as possible to find a quiet place to meditate.

You might wonder how my family responded to such an unusual child. Mom was an artist and musician and was also academically gifted. She skipped a grade in elementary school. Dad was a semi-professional boxer in his youth and a boxing coach since the age of 40 and worked as a welder in a factory, thus living up to the name “Herrera,” translation blacksmith. Both had long lineages of healers in their families from the Southwestern curandera traditions. A rich dream life and the ability to see energy isn’t totally far fetched in my family.

As an adult, after studying metaphysics for years, I came to the conclusion that I had created everything in my life, either consciously, unconsciously or through soul contract, the big stuff decided at a soul level before being born. I figured if I created it, I could release it, and I did so through a daily practice of vocal toning. Toning is using the voice to produce sound, specifically one vowel sound on one tone for an extended time. It has been known to cure cancer, release trauma, and heal a host of other mental, emotional and even physical ailments. At the time, I was toning for ½ hour or more per day. This was my practice for months.

One very ordinary day, something extraordinary happened. Research says a person can enter into an altered state after ten minutes of drumming. Sometimes I see energy when entering this state, which I can do by drumming or other activities, probably enhanced by a lifetime of meditation. It happened on this day, only since I was making sound, I could see sound waves. They were in the shape of a parabola with the point beginning behind my head and the open end in front of me cast like a wide net. I could see no end to the sound waves. I spent a couple of minutes enjoying this in awe and wonder. For some reason, the idea came forth, “What would happen if I used an intention of love with sound?”

How could an intention of love be accessed? How could an intangible be brought forward? I mustered up all the love I could feel in my heart. I thought of my husband and all the love I had for him, the beauty, the joy, the tenderness in our relationship, wonderful intimate moments. Then when my heart was swelling with love, I opened my mouth and began toning again. I resumed toning on the sound, “ah.” The Dali Lama says “ah” is the sound of love because it is present in the word for love in various languages. It was certainly true in the languages I knew, love in English, amor in Spanish, amore in Italian, ahava in Hebrew.

I resumed toning with an added intention of love using the “ah” sound. Sure enough, the sound waves were there, only now, they had turned into a brilliant white light. Before they had been a neutral grey, colorless. Now the sound waves were alive. In fact, I saw little dark specks I hadn’t noticed before. The white light sound waves gobbled up all the darkness in its way. It brought new meaning to the phrase, “where there is light can be no darkness.”

I cultivated singing with this intention of love for quite some time. I tried it out on people and got amazing results. Some audience members would tell me something in my singing pierced their hearts and they were able to move through past traumas.

Animals responded even more amazingly to the intention of love with sound. One animal who responded was a massive bull known as George. He was so huge, all his parts dragged on the ground. This story is told as a blog post. There are much too many stories to tell here. Wild turkeys, dolphins, whales, sheep, and many domestic animals have all responded to the sound of my voice. Some stories are deeply touching and others just plain goofy, like a friend’s dog who would dry hump the air when I spoke and stop humping when I stopped speaking, only to continually start and stop at the sound of my voice.

Being aware of my heart came easier and easier after months of using it to bring up an intention of love. Sinking into the heart became second nature, like using a very effective learning technique. In fact, living from the heart became so commonplace that I could easily feel when I was not in the heart. Symptoms included worrying, doubt, and shallow breathing to name a few. Living from the heart became a way of life.

The results were not so obvious to me because I moved into it so seamlessly. But the results were obvious to people who asked me how I came to lead such a magical life. What they were seeing was a happy person who lived in the flow. Life came easily to me, opportunities came easily, I was happy with myself, with my relationships and contributing wholeheartedly to the world around me. I was creative, joyful and healthy. A visit in my mid 40’s to a famous endocrinologist proved I had the large and small arteries of a teenager and the type of cholesterol that would never affect me negatively. That doctor said I was one of the healthiest people he had ever met. I can’t prove this is the result of living from the heart, but I suspect it is partially responsible. DNA is 60% fixed and 40% mutable. That’s a lot to work with. It was my pleasure to share my living from the heart techniques with those who asked for it. But, I found few who would try to apply the method of an intention of love in the heart. It was too far out of the realm of normalcy for most people, at least it was back then.

That’s why I was so interested in HeartMath® when I heard of it. The HeartMath Institute has been conducting scientific study on the power of the heart for over 25 years. My interest in HeartMath grew from the desire to share living from the heart with everyone, whether or not they were inclined towards toning. I took the Resilience Advantage™ training at the HeartMath Institute in Boulder Creek, California. I felt like a celebrity on that campus. Many of the same people who started on the ground floor are still with HeartMath. They have all been doing heart exercises for that long. When I came on campus, they recognized me immediately as someone who lived from the heart. People who weren’t even part of our program would come up to me with wide eyed curiousity and want to meet me, as if I were famous. Now, I have had people do that to me before, but only after they heard me sing from the heart. This time I was recognized for years of inner work. They felt and recognized my coherence. “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. “It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.”

After HeartMath training I was finally equipped with science to back up how I had been living for years. It also gave me methods to help people access the power of their own hearts.

Many people use their voices with an intention of love without realizing it. Parents who sing lullabies to their babies organically tap into an intention of love. Singers who tell stories and fully commit to the song they’re singing sometimes tap into an intention of love. Often it happens quite naturally when you’re speaking lovingly to others. But most people don’t realize the power of the intention of love and they don’t live from their hearts consistently. I have lived from the heart and seen the results of using an intention of love with my voice for many years now. It creates a magical life.

What if more people learned how to power up their voices with love and used it for good?

We’d have a revolution of love.