About Elisheva

Who Am I?

Happy People Happy Planet was created to make the world a better place. I am a change agent for good, a bridge between where you have been and where you want to be. I believe we are collectively moving towards a world that is kinder, more compassionate, and works for all. I get to be the change I want to see through Happy People Happy Planet. My meaningful work is to help individuals or groups navigate the shifts, be a strong facilitator as folks discover and choose the path that best honors the truth of who they are on the joyful journey.

Years ago, friends began calling me “Goddess of Transformation.” I’d often come into a person’s life during a choice moment, when facing change. 

Things shift around me. I’m a visionary, an artist helping people redesign their lives. Yet, I’m grounded, with a Bachelor’s in Economics and a minor in Music. I’ve tutored various languages and Maths. I’ve taught Yoga, Tai Chi, Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Pilates and facilitated retreats and workshops for a long time.

Years of working with people and being of service have resulted in the intuition to see beyond words and hear beyond actions, and the wisdom and intellect to stear towards growth. 

You will experience me through your own lens. If you’re ready for your transformation, come join me. You will see a more alive, dynamic version of yourself on a more joyful journey. 

Did you know:

Elisheva could read in Spanish and English when she got to kindergarten. Her teachers had her tutoring starting in second grade. Elisheva knew everyone was intelligent and had their own genius. She got her fellow students to use as many senses as possible, having them touch the page, read out loud, or even move while they learned. Nowaways we call that presencing, but it had no name back then. Students would uncover a combination of tools that would open up their ability to learn and Elisheva would mirror that back until it became a practice, and then they could learn anything. This is how Elisheva stumbled upon her multi-sensory facilitating skills, something she still uses in coaching and workshops.

Elisheva’s first time on a plane was to Israel when she was 22. She had a one-way ticket, $300 to her name, no credit card, didn’t speak the language (she knew the alphabet and could read prayers books in Hebrew), and didn’t know anyone. She went to live on a kibbutz, where she studied Hebrew for half a day and took care of toddlers. Elisheva then moved to Jerusalem, where she studied in a yeshiva (Jewish institution focused on religious studies) and worked in an art gallery. Elisheva’s time in Israel taught her self-reliance and to trust her intuition to keep her safe and making good choices.

Elisheva studied at Tufts University in Massachusetts. She has a degree in Economics and a minor in music. She is ambidextrous as well as left/right brain balanced. She has tutored English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, and Economics. She has taught Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi Seishin (a flow form of Tai Chi), Aqua Aerobics, and Aqua Pilates. While she can function well in the left brain logical side for short periods of time, Elisheva prefers to live more often in the intuitive, creative realms.

Elisheva worked at an art non-profit in San Mateo, California, Arts Unity Movement (AUM). Her marketing skills helped land contracts with the San Mateo County Behavioral Health department. She ran drum circles for incarcerated teens, facilitated Laughter Yoga, and led HeartMoves, a Drum and Dance Journey with the Elements.